A person must have a means of income in order to maintain a living.


And there is a huge disparity in bargaining power between employers with large capital and individual workers who are hungry for work to earn income.

Is the employer free to decide on the contract?

(① Problems at the labor contract conclusion stage)


Also, because employment contracts are intended for employer orders, excessive control of employers can be a problem.

Is it possible for an employer to give any order to a worker?

(② Problems at the labor contract fulfillment stage)


In addition, employment contracts are continuous contracts and often form the basis of a worker's life, which can lead to problems even at the end of the contract.

Is the employer free to dismiss the worker?

(③ Problems at the end of the labor contract)


And there is one more big problem that precedes these.


Are foreigners guaranteed rights in the first place?


In the real world, we encounter various unreasonable events.

Have you given up that it can't be helped?

Let's learn what rights are guaranteed and how to realize those rights.