What kind of job is Gyousei-syoshi (行政書士)?

What kind of job is Gyousei-syoshi (行政書士 Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists)?


Many foreign nationals may have heard the name of the occupation "Gyousei-syoshi" during immigration procedures.


First of all, what is the purpose of the Gyousei-syoshi system?


Article 1 of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act describes the mission of Gyousei-syoshi.



(1) Contribute to the smooth implementation of administrative procedures

as well as

(2) Contribute to  convenience for the public.





It is said that (1) and (2) are independent, and that the result of (1) is (2).



In other words, it is the job of Gyousei-syoshi to "Contribute to  convenience for the public" without being limited to administrative procedures.



Next, the specific work


A. Documents to be submitted to the public agency


B. Documents relating to rights, duties or the certification of facts


We will create these for a fee.



From the fact that B. is mentioned, it can be seen that it is not limited to administrative procedures.



As a specific example of A., documents to be submitted to the Immigration Bureau to extend the period of stay,

Documents to be submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to apply for Grant money when a part-time job is closed due to a state of emergency

And so on.


These are the exclusive duties of Gyousei-syoshi, and in principle, those who do not have the qualifications cannot perform these acts for a fee.

If you violate this, you will be punished. In other words, it's a crime.


Furthermore, as a representative, the act of submitting the created documents to the public office, and

As a representative, regarding the documents, we give an opinion to the public office.


Provide consultations for the preparation of  these documents .


Even if you are fluent in Japanese, it is difficult to prepare and submit documents to be submitted to the public office, and to negotiate with the public office.

Especially if you are a foreign national.


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