Refunds for tuition fees are available

You may not be able to attend school after paying admission fees and tuition fees

At that time, can you ask the school to refund the enrollment fee and tuition fee?

The court makes different decisions regarding ① admission fee ② tuition fees.


 ① About admission fee

The University shall not be obligated to return the payment to students who have canceled their enrollment, regardless of whether there is a special agreement not to return the payment.

Unfortunately for admission fee, it can be difficult to ask for a refund.


 ② About tuition

(1) As a general rule, the university is obliged to refund tuition for cancellation of the enrollment contract before April 1.

(2) However, in principle, the university will not be obliged to return it at the time of cancellation after that point.


In other words, if you tell the school that you will not attend school by March 31, and ask for a refund of your