Precautions for immigration and residence management procedures

Foreign nationals will be involved with the Immigration Bureau of Japan in various situations such as entering Japan, extending the period of stay, changing the status of residence, and leaving Japan.

The scenes that require these procedures are important milestones in your life, such as landing, schooling, employment, marriage, divorce, and will also determine your destiny.


Here is something to note.


What the Immigration Bureau of Japan hates most is false applications and false evidence submissions.


Never do this.


Obtaining a status of residence, etc. through these acts falls under the crime of illegally obtaining a status of residence, etc.

Encouraging it for profit is also a crime of encouraging the illegal acquisition of status of residence.

It's a crime.


The submitted documents will be shared data with the Immigration Bureau of Japan and the regional Immigration Bureaus (8 stations), branch offices (7 stations), branch offices (61 locations) and immigration centers (2 locations) nationwide.They will be recorded, stored and will continue to be referenced in later applications.

The same is true if you apply to a different regional immigration bureau.


We will not cooperate with any false application or false document submission.

It also means that we don't want to commit crimes, but more than that, there are disadvantages to you.


The administration of Japan is highly developed and your personal information is well known.

False applications and false submissions can easily be detected and simply offend the government.


The Immigration Control Act stipulates that the Minister of Justice "can choose" to permit renewal of period of stay, change of status of residence, or acquisition of status of residence only if there is a "reasonable reason".

This means that the Minister of Justice has extensive discretion over "whether or not there is a reasonable reason" and "whether or not to permit".


The Supreme Court also admits it.


The government agency may disapprove the application simply because it has submitted false documents to the government agency.


If there is a fact that violates Japanese law, you should honestly declare it, describe your remorse, and why you did so now. You should write down and submit what you are doing and what you will do in the future.

It is also a good idea to ask the people around you to help you and describe your current lifestyle and support for your future life.



The fact that the administrative agency has a wide range of discretion means that it is possible to exercise discretionary power in the direction of not blaming past illegal reasons this time, taking into account the circumstances that you insist.

Expect this discretion, don't lie, and work on the procedure.


Remember that all documents you submit will be preserved and will continue to be referenced.