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 नेपाली  विशिष्ट दक्ष श्रमिक हुनु Nepalese become Specific Skills Worker 

(नेपालमा नेपाली )Nepalese in Nepal

① (काम को लागी)Job offer

(संस्थानहरू स्वीकार गर्दै )Accepting institution⇒( नेपाली )Nepalese


 (तिनीहरू सिधै  लिन सक्छन्) They can directly hire.


(तिनीहरू सिधै लिन सक्छन् नेपाल सरकारले प्रमाणित पठाएको एजेन्सी प्रयोग गर्नु आवश्यक पर्दैन)

There is no need to use a sending agency certified by the Nepalese government

②  (रोजगार सम्झौता) Employment contract

(संस्थालाई स्वीकार )Accepting institutionNepalese

③ (योग्यताको प्रमाणपत्र जारी गर्नका लागि आवेदन) application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility ( 在留資格認定証明書の交付申請)

(संस्था स्वीकार गर्दै)Accepting institution(受入機関)⇒( आप्रवास ब्यूरो)Immigration Bureau.(入国管理局)

④ (योग्यताको प्रमाणपत्र जारी गर्नु )Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility(在留資格認定証明書の交付)

(आप्रवास ब्यूरो) immigration bureau(入国管理局)संस्था स्वीकार गर्दैAccepting institution(受入機関)

⑤ (योग्यताको मूल प्रमाणपत्रलाई मेल गर्दै) Mailing the original Certificate of Eligibility

(संस्था स्वीकार गर्दै)Accepting institution(受入機関)nepalese(ネパール人)

⑥  (भिसा जारी गर्ने आवेदन) Visa issuance application 査証(ビザ)発給申請

 Nepalese ⇒(नेपालमा जापानको दूतावास) Embassy of Japan in Nepal(ネパール人在ネパール日本国大使館)

 (कृपया तपाइँको योग्यताको प्रमाणपत्र देखाउनुहोस् )Please show your Certificate of Eligibility(在留資格認定証明書を提示してください)



⑦ (भिसा जारी गर्दै)  Issuing a visa 査証(ビザ)発給

(नेपालमा जापानको दूतावास)Embassy of Japan inNepal⇒Nepalese(在ネパール日本国大使館ネパール人)


⑧ (स्वास्थ्य जाँच / पूर्व प्रस्थान अभिविन्यास) Health check / pre-departure orientation  (健康診断・出国前オリエンテーション)

Nepalese ⇒ (नामित चिकित्सा संस्था आदि)Designated medical institutions, etc(ネパール人指定の医療機関など)


⑨ (विदेशी श्रम बीमा सहभागिता / विदेशी श्रमिकलाई सामाजिक कल्याण कोषमा भुक्तानी)  Overseas labor insurance participation / payment to overseas worker social welfare fund  (海外労働保険加入・海外労働者社会福祉基金への支払い)

Nepalese ⇒(विदेशी श्रमिकहरू समाज कल्याण कोष, आदि)। Overseas Workers Social Welfare Fund, etc.(ネパール人海外労働者社会福祉基金など)



⑩ (एक विदेश काम अनुमति प्राप्त गर्दै)
 Obtaining an overseas work permit

Nepalese ⇒ Nepalese Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security Overseas Employment Bureau Japan Department(एक विदेश काम अनुमति प्राप्त गर्दै)





 (यस्तो देखिन्छ कि to देखि १० सम्मको प्रक्रियामा लगभग १० दिन लाग्छ)It seems that the procedure from ⑧ to ⑩ takes about 10 days.


⑪  (जापान प्रविष्ट गर्नुहोस्) Enter Japan (日本に入国)

⑫ (एक विशिष्ट कौशल कामदार को रूप मा काम)Work as a specific skill worker 
(特定技能として就労 )

(जापानमा नेपाली) Nepalese in Japan(日本国内にいるネパール人)

① (एक रोजगार सम्झौता निष्कर्ष) Conclude an employment contract (雇用契約締結) 

(संगठन स्वीकार गर्दै) accepting organization ~nepalese(受入機関⇔ネパール人)

②  (निवासको स्थिति परिवर्तन गर्न अनुमतिको लागि आवेदन) Application for permission to change status of residence (在留資格変更許可申請) 

नेपाली (संगठन स्वीकार गर्दै)  Nepalese (accepting organization) ⇒ (आप्रवास ब्यूरो) Immigration Bureau(ネパール人受入機関⇒入国管理局)

③  (एक विशिष्ट कौशल कामदार को रूप मा काम)  Work as a specific skill workre (特定技能として就労) 



Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act



(Certificate of Eligibility)
第七条の二 法務大臣は、法務省令で定めるところにより、本邦に上陸しようとする外国人(本邦において別表第一の三の表の短期滞在の項の下欄に掲げる活動を行おうとする者を除く。)から、あらかじめ申請があつたときは、当該外国人が前条第一項第二号に掲げる条件に適合している旨の証明書(以下「在留資格認定証明書」という。)を交付することができる。
Article 7-2 (1) Upon receiving an advance application from a foreign national seeking to land in Japan (except for those who seek to engage in the activities set forth in the right-hand column corresponding to "Temporary Visitor" specified in Appended Table I (3)), the Minister of Justice, pursuant to the provisions of Ministry of Justice Order, may issue a certificate (hereinafter referred to as "certificate of eligibility") stating that the foreign national conforms to the conditions set forth in Article 7, paragraph (1), item (ii).
2 前項の申請は、当該外国人を受け入れようとする機関の職員その他の法務省令で定める者を代理人としてこれをすることができる。
(2) The application as set forth in the preceding paragraph may be made by a staff member of the organization that will accept the foreign national, or by other persons prescribed by the Ministry of Justice Order to act as an agent.
3 特定産業分野(別表第一の二の表の特定技能の項の下欄第一号に規定する特定産業分野をいう。以下この項及び第二十条第一項において同じ。)を所管する関係行政機関の長は、当該特定産業分野に係る分野別運用方針に基づき、当該特定産業分野において必要とされる人材が確保されたと認めるときは、法務大臣に対し、一時的に在留資格認定証明書の交付の停止の措置をとることを求めるものとする。
(3) If the head of the administrative organ with jurisdiction over the specified industrial field (meaning the "specified industrial fields" provided for in item (i) of the right-hand column under "Specified Skilled Worker" of the Appended Table I (2); hereinafter the same applies in this paragraph and Article 20, paragraph (1)) finds that the necessary human resources in a specified industrial field have been secured based on the field-specific operation policy pertaining to the specified industrial field, the head is to make a request to the Minister of Justice to take measures to temporarily suspend the issuance of certificates of eligibility.
4 法務大臣は、前項の規定による求めがあつたときは、分野別運用方針に基づき、一時的に在留資格認定証明書の交付の停止の措置をとるものとする。
(4) If a request has been made pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Minister of Justice is to take measures to temporarily suspend the issuance of certificates of eligibility based on the field-specific operation policy.
5 前二項の規定は、一時的に在留資格認定証明書の交付の停止の措置がとられた場合において、在留資格認定証明書の交付の再開の措置をとるときについて準用する。この場合において、第三項中「確保された」とあるのは「不足する」と、前二項中「ものとする」とあるのは「ことができる」と読み替えるものとする。
(5) The provisions of the preceding two paragraphs apply mutatis mutandis to cases in which measures to recommence the issuance of certificates of eligibility are taken if measures to temporarily suspend the issuance of certificates of eligibility have been taken. In this case, the term "have been secured" in paragraph (3) is replaced with "are experiencing a shortage", and the term "is to" is replaced with "may" in the preceding two paragraphs.



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