Procedure for permitting Extension of the Period of Stay for international students

 The Period of Stay is very important for international students living in Japan.


International students residing in Japan must obtain a Period of Stay by renewing their initial Period of Stay.


If you stay in Japan without going through this procedure, you will be deported as an illegal immigrant.

In addition, punishment is stipulated for illegal immigration.


If your school will renew your Period of Stay, please follow the school's instructions.



 What should I do if I have to do it myself?



① A. When can I start the procedure?


It is from 3 months before the expiration of the period.


    B. By when should I complete the procedure?


Until the expiration date of the period.



② Who can apply?


The person, school teacher, etc. can apply.

You can also ask us an Gyousei-syoshi.

It is not possible to ask a friend to apply.



③ How much does it cost?


4,000 yen is required when permitted.

Pay with Syuunyuu-inshi.

Syuunyuu-inshi stamps are purchased by telling the cashier at the convenience store "しゅうにゅういんしを4,000円、ください".

Attached to the fee payment slip.



④ What to submit?


A. application form

There is a page to fill in by yourself and a page to have the school fill in.


B. photo (length 4 cm x width 3 cm)


C. Identity Guarantee

English version

Japanese version


D. passport and residence card


E. School enrollment certificate and transcript


F. Document certifying the ability to pay expenses while staying in Japan

   Salary details of part-time job

   Record of remittance from home country

   Passbook, etc.



⑤ What should I be careful about?


If the submitted materials are written in a foreign language, please attach the translation (Japanese).


And above all, what the Immigration Bureau of Japan hates most is false applications and false evidence submissions.

Never do this.

For details, please refer to the notes on Precautions for immigration procedures.


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