Visit to Shin-Okubo

   2020-12-29 shinookubu                                                        新大久保は東京にある街で、東京でも有名な街です。この場所はとても美しく、たくさんの人が働いています。他の街よりもネパールのレストランがたくさんあるのを見ました。私と上司は、 たくさんの人が家族や友達と楽しんでいるのを見つけて、もっとたくさんの場所を訪れました。この場所はさまざまな種類の食べ物で有名で、有名なネパールのレストラン、アーガンに行き、仕事の後にたくさん食べ物を楽しみ、 家に帰りました     

 shinookubu is a city which is located in tokyo it is also famous city among tokyo this place is also very beautiful with huge amount of peoples i went to shinookubu for my working purpose i saw there are many nepali resturents rather then other city .me and my boss visited many more places to know more about shinookubu we found peoples enjoying with their family and friends . and also this place is famous for various types of food and me and my boss we went to one of famous nepali resturant for lunch we enjoyed food a lot after that we returned home.